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Yen Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Bob Yen
Location: Mojave Desert, California
Date: March 1, 1997


This is a long telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera on an AstroPhysics 610mm f6 lens w/field-flattener (Traveler). Note: the moonlit conditions actually make the sky background bluish-gray, but the background has been adjusted black-gray for visual evaluation. The ion tail is very strong , and extends out of the frame (in spite of moonlight) -- at least 6 deg. The dust tail has become more intense (brighter and narrower), but still has an outer *fan*.


This is a long telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera on an AstroPhysics 1020mm f8 lens w/field-flattener (5.1 inch f8 EDT APO). Same comments as for 610mm shot, except higher magnification. Note the separation of the 2 tail structures -- ion and dust. One begins to perceive some fine detail (see below)


[ crop ] of above 1020mm telephoto shot. One can *barely* detect the subtle multiple fine streamers associated with the ion-tail.


Basic contrast enhancement of above frame. The intricate structure is now apparent, including the fine *squiggly* streamers. Note the gap between adjacent streamers. On last dark-sky opportunity shot on Feb 19, there was a disconnection event recorded. Fascinating..


This is a telephoto shot, using a 6x7 camera & 300mm/4 lens (the same field of an 150mm lens, 35mm format). This was a breathtaking moment for me, to see the comet clear the hill-line -- it was *blazing*. Note the moonlit rocks and shadows, give the image an almost 3 dimensional effect! NOte that the exposure was short to *freeze* the horizon, but nevertheless the Veil Nebula recorded ever so faintly.

Bob Yen
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