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Zlender Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


zle16_s.jpg40K zle17_s.jpg149K
Observer: Udo Zlender
Location: Bonn, Germany
Date: April 7, 1997 20:35 UT

Camera was Nikon F with 1:4 f=200mm Nikkor. Exp. time was 5 minutes and it must be mentioned that the comet stood next to a streetlight, and the heart of Bonn city is only one mile away. The Film I used, Kodak VR 100 is not known to be a special astroemulsion and the processing was done in a normal super market. The primary goal was to take ccd-images of the comets core through the telescope and the Nikon was just used in parallel. The star cluster is M34 in Perseus.

Udo Zlender

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