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Galileo - Countdown To Ganymede 8


Galileo's Orbital Tour

Galileo's orbital tour consists of 11 different elliptical orbits around Jupiter. Each orbit (except one) includes a close flyby and gravity assist of one of the Galilean moons (Ganymede, Callisto or Europa) near the inner (Jupiter) end of the orbit. Distant scientific encounters with additional satellites are scheduled for a number of orbits, and the spacecraft will observe Io at medium range on every orbit.

The next satellite flyby will occur when Galileo flies by Ganymede on May 7, 1997 at at distance of 1,585 km. This encounter is referred to as Ganymede 8 since it is on the eighth orbit of the 11 orbit tour. Careful targeting allows each flyby to direct the spacecraft on to its next satellite encounter and the spacecraft's next orbit around Jupiter. During the orbital tour, Galileo will fly by Ganymede four times, Callisto three, and Europa three.

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