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Galileo K-12 Educator's Resources


Welcome to Galileo's educator site! The materials gathered in these pages are aimed at K-12 teachers and students. The Project Galileo Web Site contains additional material; check out the main site's welcome message for an overview.

What's Cool About Galileo?

What's New for the Galileo Website?


Galileo Europa Mission Fact Sheets:


Past Galileo Symposiums for K-12 Educators:


Galileo Spacecraft at Jupiter
A children's story about Galileo's adventures

Learn the Geology of Europa with this fun "Europa Wedges" Activity!


A scale model of the Galileo spacecraft that you can download and build yourself!


Background Information For Educators

This page will answer your questions about Galileo (the person and the spacecraft), and Jupiter (the subject of their study).


Here parents and teachers can find exciting, interesting and educational activities for their students.

Classroom Resources

Here parents and teachers can find many other types of educational resources like posters, chatlines, lithographs and other free stuff.

Fun Stuff

This page has a lot of unclassifiable tidbits that have been developed and compiled by the Galileo team. !Warning! There is some weird stuff here.

Related Educational Links

If you like surfing the Internet and this page has not quenched your thirst for space knowledge, check out these links.


In order to reach as many students and educators across the country as possible, and to make our activities consistent with other national efforts, Galileo Outreach has partnered with nationwide educational organizations:
challenger.gif jason.gif youngastro.gif 10amb.gif
Challenger Center for Space Education
provides us with a nationwide team of 15 Educator Fellows who bring the excitement of the Galileo Europa Mission to the classroom by training a total of 1350 to 2250 educators each year.
Jason Foundation
links Jupiter to Earth by featuring the oceans of Earth and the possible ocean on Europa in their 1997-1998 expedition experience, "The Oceans of Earth and Beyond".
Young Astronauts
features Astronomy Learning in Winter/Spring '98, activities developed about the Galileo mission, and a Jupiter unit on their broadcast network on April 27 & 28.
Galileo Ambassadors to Jupiter
is a network of educators in communities across the country who conduct events and talks to raise awareness of Galileo's adventures at Jupiter.

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