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Galileo Europa Animation


On February 20, 1997, the Galileo spacecraft flew by Europa. A Galileo science briefing was hold on April 9, 1997 that announced the new discoveries made during that flyby. The animation provided here is one of the animation shown at the April science briefing.

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Galileo images are used to create a colored global view of Europa. We zoom into two regions. The first is centered on the crater Pwyll located at 26 deg. S. latitude, 271 deg. W longitude. The second is centered at 9.4 deg. N. latitude, 274 deg. W. longitude.

This work was sponsored by NASA's Office of Space Science Solar System Exploration Program and Information System Office and was produced for Project Galileo by the Solar System Visualization Project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Digital Image Animation Laboratory.

Animation by Zareh Gorjian.

Directed by Eric M. De Jong.

Image Processing by James Klemaszewski, Robert J. Sullivan - ASU

Science and Technical Support Michael J.S. Belton, Ronald Geeley, Torrence V. Johnson, Steven R. Levoe, Myche McAuley, Solid State Imaging Team, Science Data Team, and the men and women of Project Galileo

MPEG and QuickTime versions produced by Ron Baalke


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