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Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 & Europa


In July 1994, several fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacted into Jupiter. Telescopes from around the world were focused on Jupiter for this very exciting event. Below are images of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy impacts that have Europa present in them.

Observer: Galileo Spacecraft
Date: July 20, 1994

By chance, the trails of satellites Io and Europa (caused by multiple exposure from adjacent swaths) lie in nearly the same place as a trail from Fragment N.

Observers: David Schleicher, Mark Wagner, Peter Birch, Siobhan Sackey
Location: Lowell Observatory, Arizona
Date: July 21, 1996

Europa is visible to the right of the planet.

Observers: Giuseppe Leto, Bianco, Leto, Riccioli
Location: Catania Astrophysical Observatory, Italy
Date: July 16-22, 1994

Europa shows a small V band brightening on July 16, 1994, about 20 minutes before the first appearence of the plume in the SAAO images of the A impact.

Observers: Nancy Chanover, Mark Marley
Location: Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico
Date: July 21, 1994

The bright white spot in the northern hemisphere is Europa.

Observers: Tom Herbst, Peter Bizenberger, Steve Beckwith, Dave Thompson, Doug Hamilton
Location: Calar Alto Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: December 21, 1994

Europa and Io are easily visible in this image.

Observers: Aoki Tetsuo
Location: Okayama Astronomical Observatory (OAO), Japan
Date: July 1994

Io and Europa are visible to the left of Jupiter.

Observer: Dan Bruton
Location: Texas A&M Observatory, Texas
Date: May 28, 1995

Europa reappears from an occultation at the top of this image.

Observer: Kaz Sekiguchi
Location: Southern African Astronomical Observatory, South Africa
Date: July 17, 1994

Europa is to the west of Jupiter.

Observers: Peter McGregor, Mark Allen
Location: Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Australia
Date: July 21, 1994

Europa appears at the upper right.


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