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Galileo Frequently Asked Questions


How fast was the probe going when it hit Jupiter's atmosphere? Why doesn't Galileo use solar panels? Answers to these and other questions can be found in Galileo's FAQ. And, if you don't find your question answered, submit your own question.

Galileo FAQ - Master Index

Imaging Science Sources for Pictures
All about those amazing pictures. Where to get those amazing pictues.
Exploring Europa
Is There an Ocean on Jupiter's Icy Moon?
General Spacecraft Anatomy The Galileo Probe
Basic questions about the Galileo spacecraft. The atmospheric probe dropped from orbiter.
Galileo's Computers Power
How the spacecraft thinks. Keeping the spacecraft running.
Galileo's Antennas Tape Recorder
Talking with the spacecraft. Storing data.
Navigation Arrival Day
(December 7, 1995)
Getting from here to there. Arriving at Jupiter after 6 years.
General Questions

General Spacecraft Anatomy
General Questions
The Galileo Probe
Galileo's Antennas
Galileo's Computers
Imaging Science
Sources for Pictures
Tape Recorder
Arrival Day (December 7, 1995)
Exploring Europa

Other FAQ-like Resources

Last updated: December 31, 1997
Al Wong, al.wong@jpl.nasa.gov

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