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Galileo images of asteroid Ida and its moon


The NASA/JPL Galileo spacecraft flew by the asteroid 243 Ida on August 28, 1993, en route to its final destination of Jupiter. A number of images and other sets of data have been sent back to Earth during the months since the flyby.

In an image sent to Earth in February 1994, a moon orbiting Ida was discovered. It has been named "Dactyl" (see the December 1994 article in the Galileo Messenger, Ida's Moon Named Dactyl).

The following are recent images of Ida and its moon sent back by the Galileo spacecraft:

idamnclr_thumb.gifColor image of Ida and its moon

idahires_thumb.gifHighest-resolution image of Ida

idarotat_thumb.gifRotation series of Ida

idamnhi_thumb.gifHighest-resolution image of Ida's moon

idamn1st_thumb.gifDactyl by Ida shine


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