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Galileo Image Gallery
Images of the Asteroids, Gaspra and Ida
On its journey to Jupiter, Galileo returned some spectacular images of Asteroid 951, Gaspra, and Asteroid 243, Ida, and its moon (243)1 Dactyl.

Go to Galileo Images of the Gaspra Asteroid 951 - Gaspra
This picture of asteroid 951 Gaspra is a mosaic of two images taken by the Galileo spacecraft some 10 minutes before closest approach on October 29, 1991. The Sun is shining from the right.

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Go to Images of the Moon Asteroid 243 - Ida and its Moon Dactyl
This is the first full picture showing both asteroid 243 Ida and its newly discovered moon to be transmitted to Earth Galileo spacecraft--the first conclusive evidence that natural satellites of asteroids exist.

See More Galileo Images of Ida
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