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Galileo Quick-Look Information


These resources are listed here for convenient access to information about Galileo's orbital tour. For complete coverage of the current orbit, please visit the Countdown page, or check here for background information on the mission. Also, take a look at the Galileo Orbital Tour Highlights and the Galileo Europa Mission section.

Quick-look orbit facts

Project Galileo has provided the following set of Quick-Look Orbit Fact sheets as a handy reference while the orbiter's tour progresses in the coming months. The fact sheets contain the essentials of each orbit -- the closest approach distance and location, science highlights, encounter trajectory, and timeline. They are available as a single pdf file or as separate html-formatted files:

Galileo's Primary Mission Galileo Europa Mission

Encounter Summaries

These encounter summaries are what we in Project Galileo use as a convenient reference for what's going on on the spacecraft during the encounter period. They show when particular observations, spacecraft functions, and closest approaches are to take place. They also show which DSN antennas will be used to track the spacecraft on the day of the encounter. This document is pretty acronym- and abbreviation-heavy, so you'll probably need to take a look at our glossary.

Each summay should be available about a week before each encounter. They are presented in two formats, one as a single-page GIF image and the other split into two parts (making it easier to read, especially if you have a lower-resolution monitor).

Mission Overview

A handy, one-page overview of the mission from June, 1996 to December, 1997.


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