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Written for middle school teachers

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Most physical science units introduce students to the processes of volcanism, tectonism, and gradation (the effects of water, ice, wind and gravity on a surface); few, however, introduce the process of impact cratering. Impact cratering plays a large role in forming and modifying planetary and satellite surfaces in our solar system. The following activities are designed to introduce this important surface process.

This module includes all the necessary background information on the topic of impact cratering as well as activities designed to introduce important concepts related to impact crater formation and subsequent modification. Several sections also include a link called Teacher Feature, a teacher designed section overview with ready-made worksheets for review, wrap-up, or concept activities. The teacher feature also has suggestions for modifying the activity for other grade levels.

Goals: Use images of the planets to demonstrate


This module was written by Cynthia Phillips, Dept. of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, and funded in part by the NASA Spacegrant program.

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