NASA Science Information 
Systems Newsletter 

Editor and Web Curator,
Sandi Beck

The Science Information Systems Newsletter (SISN), which has been an ongoing task for over ten years, is a forum for the space science and applications research community to report research and development activities, outreach activities, and technology transference. SISN offers a venue for articles that are not likely to appear elsewhere and provides the opportunity for information exchange within the science community, as well as a platform for accomplishments by that community. SISN also serves as a public relations and outreach vehicle to the general public.

SISN, via its web presence, provides bilateral links to the various components funded by OSS's Science Information Systems Program and to NASA HQ. 

SISN provides material online in table, plain-text, and pdf formats; is easily navigable; can be searched via a SISN-specific search engine; provides a subcribe and automatic notification mechanism; and tracks subscriber statistics. 

This year the SISN web site was updated for style and presentation and now utilizes current multimedia technology. 

Future plans include: 

  1. Completing format variety for all issues.
  2. Constructing a list of subscribers by name as alternative statistic tracking methodology and alternative publication notification.
  3. Increasing the frequency of publication from quarterly to bimonthly.
  4. Establishing a presence on mirror sites for easier access by foreign subscribers.

SISN is distributed to 75 countries around the world and is catalogued in the Library of Congress.

Publication material is gathered via personal interviews, article solicitation (either original or authorized reprints), or press release excerpts. Guidelines for submission are posted on the SISN web site. 

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Sandi Beck
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