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Magellan Mission to Venus

Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology
This site is no longer active. While the information was correct at the time of publishing, it cannot be assumed that it is still correct. Please enjoy the site as a glimpse back at history. mgnlogo3_small.gif

Welcome to the Magellan Project home page!

NASA's Magellan spacecraft made a dramatic conclusion to its highly successful mission at Venus when it is commanded to plunge into the planet's dense atmosphere Tuesday, October 11, 1994. During its four years in orbit around Earth's sister planet, the spacecraft has radar-mapped 98 percent of the surface and collected high-resolution gravity data of Venus. The purpose of the crash landing is to gain data on the planet's atmosphere and on the performance of the spacecraft as it descends.

This home page offers Venus images taken by Magellan and other highlights from the mission.


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