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Chapter 13
Project Organization


   The right people in the right jobs.
      -- Otto von Bismarck

The Magellan Team

This chapter acknowledges the more than 300 current members of the Magellan team, whose names appear in below. Most are employed at JPL, with the exception of the science investigators and two groups of individuals who perform their Magellan assignments at the Martin Marietta Astronautics Group in Denver, Colorado, and the Hughes Aircraft Company in El Segundo, California.

The Magellan team is not autonomous and depends for its success on the contributions of other personnel within the JPL/Caltech family, at NASA Headquarters and other NASA centers, and at the three antenna sites of the Deep Space Network. Because all spaceflight projects necessarily span several years, from the early conceptual stage through project end, many members of the team have completed their particular contributions and gone on to other assignments, or have retired.

Therefore, the salute extended here recognizes not only current team members but also encompasses a larger group that brought Magellan to the eve of Venus arrival and to a continuing realization of its mission objectives.

Magellan Project Organization

The Magellan Review Board

Additional members of the Magellan team compose the Magellan Review Board. Established in accordance with JPL policy and practices, the Review Board acts in an advisory capacity to aid the Project Manager in those critical decisions that affect the performance, schedule, costs, and other commitments of the Project.

Unless otherwise noted, Review Board members are employees of JPL.

Magellan Review Board

Kane Casani (Chairman)
Raymond J. Amorose
Glenn E. Cunningham
John H. Gerpheide (Special Consultant)
Norman R. Haynes
Richard L. Horttor
Chris P. Jones
James F. (Frank) Jordan, Jr.
Terry D. (Dave) Linick
Robert Marcellini (Lockheed Corporation)
James Martin (Ex-Officio, Consultant)
Ann Merwarth (NASA Headquarters)
David Newlands (Hughes Aircraft Company)
Ronald A. Ploszaj
Albert R. Schallenmuller (Martin Marietta Corporation)
William S. Shipley
Robertson Stevens

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