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Chapter 15


   Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in few words.
                  -- Apocrypaha: Ecclesiasticus

An acronym is a word formed from the first letters of the words that make up a lengthy name or phrase. Some acronyms are so widely used that they have achieved the status of "real" words. A good example, and one that is near and dear to our Magellan hearts, is the word "radar," which actually means radio detection and ranging. As you can imagine, using this particular acronym within the Magellan Project is a real time-saver.

Acronyms are common in most endeavors all over the world; it's certainly a way of life at JPL, and the Magellan Project is no exception in this regard. However, the following list includes only those acronyms that appear in this Guide.

ALTA	altimeter antenna
ARUCAL	Attitude Reference Unit Calibration
Caltech	California Institude of Technology
C-BIDR	Compressed Basic Image Data Record
CD-ROM	Compact Disc-Read Only Memory
CDS	command and data subsystem
C1-MIDR	Compressed Once-Mosaicked Image Data Record
C2-MIDR	Compressed Twice-Mosaicked Image Data Record
C3-MIDR	Compressed Thrice-Mosaicked Image Data Record
DMAT	Data Management and Archive Team
DMS	Data Management Subsystem
DSCC	Deep Space Communications Complex
DSN	Deep Space Network
EDR	Experiment Data Record
ESA	European Space Agency
F-BIDR	Full-Resolution Basic Image Data Record
FEM	forward equipment module
F-MIDR	Full-Resolution Mosaicked Image Data Record
F-PIDR	Full-Resolution Polar Image Data Record
GCF	Ground Communications Facility
GDS	Ground Data System
GRAVIG	Gravity Investigation Group
HGA	high-gain antenna
HGACAL	High-Gain Antenna Calibration
IAU	International Astronomical Union
ICE	International Cometary Explorer 
IDPS	Image Data Processing Subsystem
IOC	in-orbit checkout
IUS	Inertial Upper Stage
JPL	Jet Propulsion Laboratory
LGA	low-gain antenna
MCCC	Multimission Control and Computing Center
MCT	Mission Control Team
MGA	medium-gain antenna
MIDR	Mosaicked Image Data Record
MPT	Mission Planning Team
MSDT	Mission Sequence Design Team
NASA	National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASCOM	NASA Communications (Network)
NAV	Navigation Team
NOCC	Network Operations Control Center
NSSDC	National Space Science Data Center
ODR	Original Data Record
OTM	orbit-trim maneuver
PDS	Planetary Data System
P-MIDR	Polar-Mosaicked Image Data Record
PSG	Project Science Group
PVO	Pioneer Venus Orbiter
RADIG	Radar Investigation Group
RCE	Reaction Control Equipment
RMSS	Radar Mapping Sequencing Software 
RSET	Radar System Engineering Team
SAR	synthetic-aperture radar
SCT	Spacecraft Team
SDPS	SAR Data Processing Subsystem
SFCAL	Scale Factor Calibration
SFOC	Space Flight Operations Center
SRM	solid-rocket motor
STARCAL	star calibration
STS	Space Transportation System
TCM	trajectory-correction maneuver
VOI	Venus orbit insertion
VOIR	Venus Orbiting Imaging Radar
VRM	Venus Radar Mapper

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