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Applied Information Systems Research Program

The Applied Information Systems Research Program is a peer reviewed competition sponsored by the Office of Space Science's Science Information Systems Program at NASA Headquarters. New ideas for applying information technology to Space Science are funded through this program.

In the most recent round of awards, JPL was awarded five new projects. The awards are as follows:

1. SkyMorph: A Catalog of the Visible Changing Sky for Astrophysics
Steven Pravdo (JPL)
Lorella Angelini (Goddard Space Flight Center)
Eleanor Helin (JPL/Caltech)
Susan Hess (JPL)
Jean Lorre (JPL)
Mike Martin (JPL)
Thomas McGlynn (Goddard Space Flight Center)

2. Progressive Wavelet Image Compression for the World Wide Web
Aaron Kiely (JPL)
Samuel Dolinar (JPL)
Fabrizio Polara (JPL)

3. A Collaborative Environment for the Space Interferometer Mission
Dave Van Buren (IPAC)
Andrew Boden (JPL)
David Nichols (Xerox)
Michael Brundage (Caltech)

4. A Distributable, Network-Capable, Platform-Independent System for Data Distribution, Visualization, and Analysis
Lee Elson (JPL)
Mark Allen (JPL)

5. Multiscale Statistical Methods for Textural Analysis of Astronomical Images
William Langer (JPL)
Charles Anderson (Washington University, St. Louis)