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SAIT User Community

The SAIT Program supports three distinct user communities: Mission and Instrument Builders, Scientists Using Space Science Data, and the General Public. Each group has specific (and different) interests and needs. The SAIT program reflects these differences: there are three distinct program goals, tailored to the specific needs of each customer group. To find out more about their goals, please see the goals section.

Mission and Instrument Builders

These are some of the capabilities of interest in this program:

  • mission and payload design
  • improved visualization of advanced mission concepts
  • instrument design tradeoffs through use of modeling and simulation
  • improved access to historical data for selection of landing sites, spacecraft trajectories, and design of data acquisition strategies
  • active flight missions
  • improved systems for real-time access to reduced science data by a diverse set of geographically distributed users
  • immediate access to ancillary data relating to each remote sensing observation
  • rapid visualization of scientific results for science teams on time scales short enough to affect future mission strategies and maximize science return from active missions

Scientists Using Space Science Data

These are some of the capabilities of interest in this program:

  • enhanced correlative analysis of data acquired by multiple sensors from multiple missions
  • advanced capabilities for science data management and access

General Public

These are some of the capabilities of interest in this program:

  • scientifically accurate, easily understood products conveying the significance of mission science results
  • intuitive public access to mission data in near real time, as data is received from the spacecraft
  • rapid access to the full archive of space science mission results