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Program Goals

The SAIT Program goals are to develop and infuse advanced information technology applications into NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS) missions. Technology insertion and infusion is enabled by coupling the JPL IT expertise in this program with their users from the JPL OSS missions.

Value is added to missions by

  • reducing risk of new technology insertion into the critical path through applied R&D of the technology to the customer's specifications
  • reducing the cost of project design and operations by application of advanced technology
  • offsetting the cost of high risk IT R&D
  • supporting both concepts of SOA and re-usability
  • reducing project management concerns with direct and directed project-application development

Value is added to NASA by

  • increasing ROI to IT and science research by applying IT R&D to science R&D
  • reducing cost and risk to missions, science, and IT R&D by infusing IT investment to support FBC missions
  • increasing science return by improving mission and project capabilities through better application of IT
  • ensuring ingestion of IT research results by direct and directed application development

Value is added to R&D by

  • providing a path for IT R&D to be transferred and infused into missions and projects
  • speeding the process of transition IT from R&D to operations
  • reducing costs and risk impact of reduced mission and project funding
  • reducing impact of compressed mission and project schedules and critical path issues

There are specific goals for each of the three user communities of the SAIT:

Mission and Instrument Builders
Integrate new techniques into instrument and mission design, making the overall effort cheaper and lower risk.

Scientists using Space Science Data
Provide a real-time, interactive, distributed ability to access and analyze science data from relevant missions, instruments, and investigations.

General Public
Use innovative technologies to provide understandable, scientifically accurate products, and make these products readily available to the community.