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HST Daily Report



PERIOD COVERED: 0000Z (UTC) 08/10/95 - 0000Z (UTC) 08/11/95

Daily Status Report as of 223/0000Z


1.7 Completed FOS/RD 6015 (Ultraviolet Emissions From Saturn's Rings and Ring Atmosphere)

The Faint Object Spectrograph (Red Side) was used to make ultraviolet spectrographic observations of Saturn's Rings to study the extent of neutral gas above the ring plane. The observations are being taken during the time around the ring plane crossing. The observations were executed as scheduled, and no anomalies were noted.

1.8 Completed WF/PC-2 5836 (Saturn Ring Plane Crossing Observations in August and November 1995)

The WF/PC-2 was used to make observations of the ring's of the planet Saturn during the ring plan crossing in order to determine their thickness and distortion. The moons Pan and Atlas will also be observed. The observations were completed as planned, and no problems were reported.

1.9 Completed WF/PC-2 6216 (Saturn's Ring Atmosphere)

The WF/PC-2 was used to obtain images of Saturn's rings when they are edge-on to the Earth. The objective is to detect an "OH atmosphere" associated with the rings. Different filters will be used to discriminate between dust and OH emission, and to subtract scattered light. These observations will be used to determine exposure times for a later series of ring-plane crossing observations in August. The proposal completed as scheduled, and no anomalies were noted.

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