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White Spots Observed on Saturn
IAU Circular 6204


Since the glare from Saturn's rings is reduced considerably during a ring plane crossing, features on the planet can be observed that is normally not possible at any other time. In the IAU Circular listed below, the team at Lick Observatory report on their observations of two white spots on Saturn.

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Circular No. 6204
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S. J. O'Meara, Sky & Telescope, reports that visual observations by W. Sheehan, D. Graham, T. Dobbins, and himself with the Lick Observatory 0.91-m refractor show two white spots in the northern region of the equatorial zone. The larger, low-contrast spot of diameter about 4" transited the planet at Aug. 10.375 UT (corresponding to system-I longitude 333 deg). The smaller spot of diameter about 2" transited at Aug. 10.444 (longitude 31 deg). Observations made about 12 hr prior to crossing the ring plane on Aug. 10.5 showed the rings still visible to a distance from the planet of one Saturn diameter.

1995 August 11                 (6204)            Daniel W. E. Green

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