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Observatory Images of Saturn


Grove Creek Observatory, Australia

Saturn image taken by Steve Williams at the Grove Creek Observatory.

Lund Observatory, Sweden

This infrared image of Saturn was taken with the 2.6 meter Nordic Optical Telescope. Image copyrighted by the Nordic Optical Telescope Scientific Associations (NOTSA).

Catalina Observatory, University of Arizona

This image was taken in the early 1970's with the 1.5 meter telescope at Catalina Observatory. The Cassini Division is cleary visible. Image resolution is 2000 km.

This series of photographs were taken in 1980 during the ring plane crossings of 1979-1980. Saturn's rings are edge-on allowing astronomers to search for small satellites nears the rings. Image courtesy of Brad Smith, University of Arizona.

Pic du Midi Observatory, France

Three Pic du Midi images taken a year apart from each other during 1992-1994. The images clearly show the Saturn rings are being tilted towards Earth.

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