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Recent Discoveries About Saturn


One exciting discovery by Voyager was the presence of wave patterns in the rings. In this pseudo-image generalted from the photopolarimeter occultation trace from Voyager 2, the outer part of the A ring is visible with a narrow 50 km gap. Image resolution is 1 km.


1995-1996 Saturn Ring Plane Crossing

blue_dot.gif Four New Saturn Satellites Discovered by Hubble! (July 26, 1995).
blue_dot.gif Hubble Discovers New Saturn Moons (July 28, 1995).
blue_dot.gif White Spots Observed on Saturn (August 11, 1995).
blue_dot.gif New Saturn Moons Observed by Hubble! (October 4, 1995).
blue_dot.gif Hubble Observes Saturn's Aurora (October 9, 1995).


blue_dot.gif Possible New Moons of Saturn Discovered


blue_dot.gif Hubble Space Telescope Observes New Saturn Storm
blue_dot.gif Hubble Space Telescope Discovers Surface Features on Titan


blue_dot.gif Giant White Spot Observed on Saturn
blue_dot.gif Saturn's 18th Moon Discovered in Encke Gap


blue_dot.gif Voyager Saturn Discoveries


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