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Computer-Generated Images of Saturn


An artist rendition of the Cassini spacecraft approaching Saturn. Image courtesy of David Seal (JPL).

An artist rendition of the Saturn orbit insertion burn by the Cassini spacecraft over Saturn's rings. Image courtesy of David Seal (JPL).

These three images were extracted from a Voyager 2 Saturn flyby animation. This animation was used by the Voyager team for mission and design purposes, and has been shown all over the world. Images are courtesy of Jim Blinn (JPL/Caltech).

blue_dot.gif Jupiter and Saturn Fly-By Animations Paper (Jim Blinn - 1980)

Postcript image of the expected occultation of the star GSC5249-01240 with Saturn's ring on November 20-21, 1995. The Hubble Space Telescope will be observing this event. Image courtesy of Amanda Bosh (Lowell Observatory).


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