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University of Hawaii Image of Saturn

uh1_small.gif90K uh2_small.gif113K


May 14 (UT) 2.1 micron image - obtained by Kevin Jim and Andrew Pickles; image processing was performed by Richard Wainscoat. This image was made using the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter telescope with its tip-tilt secondary mirror in operation (guiding on the satellite Tethys). The tip-tilt guiding removed some of the atmospheric distortion, and also removed buffeting of the telescope by a moderate wind from the east. Exposure time was 8 seconds through the K' filter. Saturn is relatively dark around 2 microns due to methane absorption in its atmosphere. This image has a resolution of 0.50 arcsec, and was taken at an airmass of approximately 1.9. Two satellites may be seen to the left of the rings - these are Tethys (brighter) and Enceladus (fainter). The shadow of the rings produces the dark line across Saturn's equator.

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