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Matt Will Saturn Observations


Date: August 27, 1995
Time: 6:00 to 6:35 UT
CMs: System I; 181.1 - 201.6
System II; 241.4 - 261.2 B = 0.5 B' = 1.2
Instrument: 8 inch f/7 Newtonian Reflector
Magnification: 270x
Seeing: 7
Transparency: 3.5 (Atmosperic seeing was quite variable. Passing clouds from remnants of tropical storm "Jerry" made seeing difficult or impossible at times. But when visible, seeing was good.

The planet lacked any great detail to this observer. The SEB seemed to be somewhat thicker in width and duller than the NEB. A darkening near the south pole was seen. Its origin real or otherwise is uncertain. The telescope was properly collimated prior to this observation. What follows are the intensity estimates made for both the planetary and ring features.

Feature		Integrated Light	Red W23A filter	Blue W80A filter

Far SPR			1.5		1.5		1.5
SPR			6.0		6.0		6.0
SEB			4.5		4.5		4.5
sEZ			7.0		7.0		7.0
Shadow of Ring on Globe	1.5		1.5		2.0
nEZ			7.0		7.0		7.0
NEB			3.5		3.5		3.0
NPR			5.0		5.0		4.5
Ring A ?  east side		6.5		0.0		0.0
Ring B & C ? east side	6.5		6.5		6.5
Ring B & C ?  west side	6.0		5.5		5.5
Ring A ?  west side		6.0		0.0		0.0

The rings were the most unusual aspect of this observation. The eastern side of the rings were definitely brighter than the western side. Also, the entire western side was slightly red tinted when seen in integrated light. (Are the bicolored aspects of the rings making their presence known at only a B angle of a half degree?) The rings did not extend from the planet an equal distance from each side. The eastern extension appeared to fully present while the western extension was visible to about 5/6 of its "would be" total extent. This phenomenon was seen in integrated light and in both filters. In integrated light both ring extentions appeared to be even more extended than in filtered light but by no more than another 1/6 of their lengthwise size. (Could this be due to possible glare from the rings themselves?)

Basically, if poetic imagery is permitted here, the rings appeared to me as a sheet of glass or ice seen on edge!

Matt Will

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