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Matt Will Saturn Observations


Date: September 10, 1995
Time: 6:00 to 6:20 UT
CMs: SystemI; 122.5 - 134.2 System II; 90.5 - 101.8 B = 1.01 B = 1.0
Instrument: 6 inch f/8 Newtonian Reflector
Magnification: 230x
Seeing: 4
Transparency: 3

The SEB appeared to be of lighter gray value than in previous observations. A greater contrast between the NEB and the NTeZ-NPR area was observed, compared to last week's observation (see my observation of 9-3-95). It may be that the NEB may have darkened. The rather poor to mediocre seeing conditions may have introduced some uncertainty to my observations.

The appearance of the rings hadn't changed much in the last week. I did notice the same ring shortening phenomenon I had observed two weeks ago. Again, the rings did not extend from the planet an equal distance from each side. They appearence in exactly the same proportions as in my observation of 8-27-95. I don't know if this is an optical illusion due to the orientation of the planet and rings in the eyepiece or if this is truly a ring plane crossing effect. No bicolored effect of the rings not was observed in integrated light. Below are my intensity estimates for the rings and planet.

Feature		Integrated	Red W23A 	Blue W80A
		Light		Filter		Filter

SPC		2.0		2.0		2.0
SPR-STeZ	6.0		6.0		6.0
SEB		5.0		5.0		5.0
EZs		7.0		7.0		7.0
EZn		7.0		7.0		7.0
NEB		3.0		3.0		3.0
NPR-NTeZ	4.0		4.0		4.0
Shadow of Ring
on Globe	1.5		1.5		1.5
East Ring	6.0		5.5		5.5
West Ring	6.0		5.5		5.5

Matt Will

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