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Comet Crash Book


Note: The release date for this book has been moved up to September 29, 1995.

Cambridge Comet Crash Book

From: John R. Spencer
Subject: Cambridge Comet Crash Book

Announcing the completion and impending publication of


A heavily-illustrated account of SL9 and its collision with Jupiter, written at the "amateur astronomer" level. Edited by John Spencer and Jacqueline Mitton, published by Cambridge University Press.

128 pages, about 160 illustrations (mostly in color), 8.5" x 11" format, hardback. $24.95 in USA, 16.95 pounds in UK.

The book now exists (a copy is sitting on my desk), it is being distributed, and will be officially published on October 5th in the U.K., and October 12th (probably) in the U.S.

The book can be ordered from Cambridge University Press as follows:

UK:  Phone (01223) 325970  Fax (01223) 325959
USA: Phone (800) 872-7423  Fax (914) 937-4712  e-mail

For ordering information in other countries, see the C.U.P. home page ( Also see for more details about the book.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all of you who made this book possible by providing us with images and information. We couldn't have done it without you!