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European SL-9/Jupiter Workshop

clrbar.gif Dates: February 13 - 15, 1995

Venue: ESO Headquarters, Garching bei München, Germany

This ESO Workshop will serve to bring together European astronomers who have obtained observational data before, during and after the collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter. Only by combining these data will it be possible to arrive at a good understanding of the complex phenomena and the meeting will thus contribute to the ongoing interpretative efforts. It will further the preparation of joint papers to be delivered at the major IAU Colloquium 158 on the same subject three months later (May 9 - 12, 1995; Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.) and also provide a useful forum for those European observers who are unable to come to Baltimore. The participation of Central and East European astronomers in the ESO Workshop will be supported by the ESO C&EE Programme. Some key people from outside Europe will provide additional input from other side.

The meeting will be held in the ESO Auditorium and in view of its limited capacity (approx. 125), participation in this Workshop may have to be restricted. Application and accommodation forms may be obtained from the Workshop Secretariat (address below); the deadline for receipt of these at ESO is December 15, 1994.

The deadline for submission of abstracts to contributed talks and posters is January 15, 1995.

Please note that there will be a conference fee of 80 DEM; this includes a copy of the Proceedings, to be available on May 1, 1995.


I.   The comet before impact
     - Observations
     - Theory
II.  The impacts
     - The "meteoric" phase		
     - Fireball and initial plume phenomena	
     - Composition of Plumes			
III. Long-term effects
     - Dynamical evolution of atmospheric features; 
        zonal and  meridional winds
     - Evolution of the stratospheric chemical 
        composition and thermal structure, 
        northern latitude effects
     - Evolution of the radio emission
     - Study of Jupiter's interior
IV.  Summary
     - Summaries of individual sessions
     - Round-table discussion
     - Coordination of further interactions during the 
        interpretative phases before IAU Coll. 158

Preliminary List of Speakers

H. Barwig, D. Bockelee-Morvan, R.W. Carlson, J. Crovisier, G. Chernova, K. Churyumov, F. Colas, P. Drossart, C. Emerich, T. Encrenaz, A. Fitzsimmons, E. Gerard, O. Hainaut, D. Hamilton, T. Herbst, K. Horne, W.-H. Ip, D.C. Jewitt, K. Jockers, H. Kaeufl, P. Lagage, J. Lecacheux, E. Lellouch, T. Livengood, D. Lupishko, J.-P. Maillard, A. Marten, K.-H. Mantel, S. Miller, F. Moreno, B. Mosser, G. Neukum, J. Ortiz Moreno, G. Paubert, R. Prange, P. Schleicher, R. Schulz, Z. Sekanina, J.A. Stuewe, N. Thomas, N. Walton, J. Watanabe, R.M. West.

Organizing Committee

Heinz Barwig          (University Observatory, Munich, Germany)
Hermann Boehnhardt    (University Observatory, Munich, Germany)
Jacques Crovisier     (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)
Therese Encrenaz      (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)
Benoit Mosser         (Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris, France)
Rita Schulz           (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Aeronomie, 
                        Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany)
Richard West          (European Southern Observatory)


Oct. 24, 1994   : First Announcement and Call for Papers

Dec. 15, 1994   : Deadline for receipt of application and accommodation
                  forms at Conference Secretariat (address below)

Dec. 31, 1994   : Deadline for receipt of applications for support 
                  from ESO C&EE Programme (C&EE astronomers only)

Jan. 15, 1995   : Deadline for submission of abstracts of contributed 
                  talks and posters to Conference Secretariat

Jan. 20, 1995   : ESO C&EE Committee allocates support for participation 
                  in Workshop; grantees are informed

Jan. 20, 1995   : Final Programme available. Participants will be
                  informed about their proposed presentations

Feb. 13-15, 1995: European SL-9/Jupiter Workshop at ESO HQ

Feb. 27, 1995   : Deadline for submission of manuscripts

May   1, 1995   : Publication of Proceedings 

Get Registration Form.

Get Accommodation Form.

Conference Secretariat

European Southern Observatory            Fax  :  (+49-89) 320-23-62
Elisabeth Völk (SL9-1995)                Tel  :  (+49-89) 320-06-276
Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2                Tlx  :  52828222 eo d
D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany    Email: (Internet)

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