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EUVE Status Report


CODE :602
TITLE :Orbiting Satellites Project
WEEK :June 30 to July 6, 1994


K. Hartnett

EUVE is currently conducting an important pre-comet-impact observation of the planet Jupiter. All payload and spacecraft systems are operating well. A gyro recalibration and observations of M15/AC211 and the star RE2009 are scheduled for later this week.


Performance of the Explorer Platform has been nominal this week. Procedural changes have been implemented to avoid the section of tape on recorder B which caused data errors last week. Research on the nature of the problem is still underway. Observation of the planet Jupiter this week has required special power management steps to be taken due to its high antisun location and the required alignment (spacecraft roll) of the spectrometer with respect to the Jupiter/Io system. The spacecraft is currently flying with a 20 degree solar array offset with respect to the sun. Additionally, no transition to constant current mode (CCM) at beginning of orbit day is being commanded. Transition to our normal 40 degree offset, with CCM at orbit enabled at orbit dawn will be effected with the observation of M15. A gyro recalibration consisting of six preplanned slews, and a brief period of Survey Mode to gather star tracker trend data are planned for July 8, 9. The first on orbit test of UCB-supplied absolute time commands of the EUVE payload should also occur later this week. A series of tests to prove proper operation of the stored commands as well as their response to inhibit conditions will be performed.


No new problems or incidents to report.


Gyro recalibration and a brief period in Survey Mode for star tracker trend data collection are planned for July 8-9.