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Additional Galileo PPR Results for Fragment G Impact


Additional Galileo PPR results for Event G

October 17, 1994

The Galileo spacecraft Photopolarimeter Radiometer team has now received data from the G event covering 4 minutes beginning at UTC 07:32 (equivalent earthbased observers' time). In addition to the main event detection reported earlier, we now see evidence of a secondary impact during a span of 10 sec beginning at 07:34:36; this is one minute after the main impact. The magnitude of the secondary peak is about one fourth as big, and corresponds to 2.9 sigma above the noise level.

The PPR has a single field of view that is about 4 times the size of Jupiter. A filter at 945 nm was used for these observations; the sample time was 0.23 sec, but because of the spatial scanning employed for this event, a Jupiter measurement was acquired each 5.3 sec.

Galileo is positioned to see the impact sites directly, at a distance of 240 million km; the phase angle of Jupiter is 51 degrees.

Terry Z. Martin, Leslie K. Tamppari, and I. Claypool       JPL
L. Travis, A. Lacis, and J. Hansen                         GISS, New York

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