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HST WFPC-2 Schedule


Here's the schedule for the HST observations during the week leading up to the impacts and the impact week itself. Unless otherwise indicated, all observations are for imaging with the WFPC-2 (Wide Field/Planetary Camera-2).

                1) SL-7 (Q region) on 7/11, 19:14-21:41 UTC

                2) SL-15 (G region) on 7/14, 08:24-10:49 UTC

                3) FOS spectroscopy of the SL-15 (G) region on
                        7/14, 11:37-14:04 UTC

                4) SL-5 (S region) on 7/14, 14:50-17:16 UTC

                5) SL-12 (K region) on 7/18, 15:17-16:09 UTC

                6) SL-11 (L region) on 7/19, 13:49-14:38 UTC

                7) SL-7 (Q region) on 7/20, 07:32-10:00 UTC

                8) SL-5 (S region) on 7/20, 17:09-17:59 UTC

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