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McDonald Image of Fragment G & L Impacts


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

This is a CCD image taken 20 July UT (19 July CDT) at 02:00 UT (9:00pm CDT) with the 0.8m telescope of The University of Texas McDonald Observatory. An 893nm filter which isolates absorption by methane gas was used. This filter makes high cloud features appear bright. North is at the top and west is to the right. This image was obtained prior to sunset. In this image, impact sites from fragments L and G are clearly visible. This image was taken 4 hours after the L impact. The L impact site is the one nearest the west (right) limb. Notice the central dark region and the fountain pattern to the southwest. The G impact site is on the central meridian. It shows a central impact spot with a diffuse fan which also points to the southwest. The G impact occurred 4 Jupiter days before this image. The impact site for fragment H is just coming onto the east limb (left) and can be seen where it appears detached from the planet and may be a very high cloud.

This image was taken by Dr. Wayne Pryor (University of Colorado), Dr. Chan Na (Southwest Research Institute) and Dr. Anita Cochran (University of Texas).

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