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Lick Image of Fragment ACEH Impacts


Lick Observatory 40-inch Telescope Image of Four Comet Impact Spots on Jupiter

For the first time since the fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy began their plunges into the Jovian atmosphere, four distinct impact sites are visible from Earth at one time.

This enhanced image was taken 20 July 1994 in a methane filter centered at 8950 Angstroms in the near-infrared using the Nickel Telescope at Lick Observatory. The sites from fragments H, E, A, and C can be seen from left to right just above the south polar hood at the bottom of the image. The Great Red Spot appears above impact site C. At the time of this image, impact A had occured 82 hours previous. Impacts C, E, and H were 71, 63, and 35 hours old respectively.

Mike Brown, David Schlegel, Hy Spinrad; U.C. Berkeley, Ray Newburn; JPL

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