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University of Hawaii Image of Jupiter

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NOTE: Click on the images to view them at their highest resolution.

Images of Jupiter taken at 20:13 and 22:03 Hawaiian Standard Time, 19 July, 1994. These images were taken on the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope, with a new 1024x1024 HgCdTe near-infrared developed by Rockwell International Science Center. The first image is a 5 second exposure through a 2.3 micron filter, and the second is a 20 second image through the same filter. Six or possibly seven impact sites can be seen in the earlier image. The images were obtained by K. Hodapp, J. Hora, D. Jewitt, A. Pickles, and K. Jim, and processed by L. Cowie and R. Wainscoat. These images were obtained on the first night of observation with this new detector; the images have NOT been flat-fielded, but a few bad pixels have been removed.

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