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Lick Image of Fragment GHL Impacts

Speckle Imaging of Jupiter, 20 July, 1994

Speckle imagery of Jupiter taken at the Lick Observatory 120 inch telescope.

These images were taken at 04:12 UT (21:12 PDT) on July 20, 1994. Three sets of speckle frames were taken in rapid succession at different wavelengths:

    filter            frame exposure
  550 +/- 40 nm     300 ms           20 frames
  700 +/- 40 nm     400 ms           20 frames
  850 +/- 40 nm     700 ms           20 frames
The total sequence was finished within about 4 minutes with the goal of keeping the motion blur due to planet rotation within the desired resolution element size of the reconstructed image ( < 0.5 arcseconds).

Impact sites G and H are visible, with L just set over the limb. South is up, east is left, so that the planet is rotating from left to right.

lick11_small.gif The three color bands are combined into a pseudo-color image with 550 nm = blue, 700 nm = green, and 850 nm = red.


For more information on these images, contact: -- Don Gavel

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