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MSSSO Image of Fragment C Ring


A very large dark ring is seen in Jupiter's southern hemisphere in this series of images taken at 9:24, 10:02, and 10:38 UT on July 21 (Left to right). North is up, Jupiter rotates right to left. This complex is seen surrounding the impact site which moved onto the limb at about 10:02 UT 21 July, probably the C impact site on it's ninth trip around. The ring-like structure extended beyond the south pole, and to about 20 degrees S latitude. These images were taken with the Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory 1m telescope through a Bessell blue filter using a CCD detector. The central impact site was also dark in this filter. This feature was marginally visible in a narrowband sodium filter, but not in a Cousins R filter. These observations are part of the Comet Impact Network Experiment headed by Steve Larson of the University of Arizona.

Ellen Howell (LPL, U. Arizona)
Mike Bessell (ANU)
Mount Stromlo Siding Spring Observatory 1m telescope

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