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Tauton Radio Observatons of Fragment Q Impacts


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Results of SL9 collisions using a 20.4 MHz radio interferometer

Taunton School, Physics Dept, Somerset, UK.
Trevor Hill (Head of Physics) Pupils: Kathy Guernsay, Mathew Lang, Piers Williams, Elliot Williams, K. Lawson, Christopher Mead, Willaim Everitt.

Observations and results

This 3 part pattern observed for fragment A,H and Q under good atmospheric conditions. We are interested if anyone can confirm these results.

Systems calibrated against 3 observations of Cass A.

For more details FAX +44 (0)823 336054. System Details

System used: Phase switched Interferometer
Frequency: 20.4MHz, Scanning within +/- 100kHz of main frequency
Switching frequency: 360Hz
Aerials: 2x2 elements, tuned Yagis for 20.4MHz, capture area 
60 square meters, 35 feet up scafold towers. 
Baseline: geographic E-W, 220meters
Aerial Elevation both 25 degrees (due South, geographic)
System time constat = 15secs
Output typically +/- 0.4V noise level. 
System sensitivty (theoretical) 3e-23 W/Hz/m2
System bandwidth = 10kHz
Typical system gain = 140dB
recording mechanism - BBC computer (Archimedes) + chart recorder

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