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Lick Image of Fragment GHNQRS Impacts


Lick Observatory Nickel Telescope View of Comet Impact Site Evolution

This image, taken 27 July 1994, shows the evolution of the impact sites a week after the collision. From left to right are the G/S/R/Q2 complex, site N and site H. The large G complex is extremely complicated owing to the number of impacts all hitting in one area. Site H has grown tails extending both northward and southward. Site N is less evolved, but is also extending features northward. The features have diminished little in intensity over the course of the week and will be monitored in the months to come.

The image was obtained with the 40-inch Nickel Telescope at Lick Observatory using a filter 90A wide and centered at 8950A.

Mike Brown, David Schlegel, Hy Spinrad (UC Berkeley)

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