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IRTF Image of Fragment K Impact


Image of Fragment K in the 'continuum K' bandpass (2.36 +/- .3 um) based on the average of 6 exposures early in our imaging sequence on July 19. Jupiter is just outside the field of view but the scattered light from Jupiter extends from the edge of the field all the way to the middle. The short, bright, diagonal streak near the end of the scattered Jovian light is a star, trailed by tracking on the moving comet. A much fainter star, trailed in the same way, can be seen merging into the scatterd Jovian light very near the edge of the frame. Fragment K is the fuzzy patch beside the scattered Jovian light near the center of the frame vertically. Distance from Jupiter is about 4 Rj.

Mike A'Hearn for the IRTF/CometCrash Science Team

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