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Lick Image of Fragment ACEF Impacts


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

Speckle Imaging of Jupiter, July 18, 1994

These images from the Lick Observatory's 120" Telescope show visible-wavelength speckle image reconstructions of Jupiter taken on July 18, 1994 at 04:29 UT (21:29 PDT) and 04:52 UT (21:52 PDT) , respectively.

Dark spots are clearly visible at the impact locations of comet fragments C, A, and E (or, possibly, F), These spots can be seen in the top portion of the image (C on the left, E on the right). As shown, the images are in the same orientation as they were acquired, with the south pole up and east on the left. The spots are approximately 4000 km in diameter on the surface of the planet.

The images were taken with the following parameters:

   Wavelength: 550 nm 
   Bandwidth: 40 nm 
   Plate scale: 0.063 arc-sec/pixel 
   Size: 750 x 750 pixels (appx 47 arc-sec x 47 arc-sec) 
   Exposure time: 250 ms 
   No. of frames: 40 


   Claire Max, Don Gavel, Erik Johansson, LLNL 
   Mike Liu, UC Berkeley 
   Bill Bradford, UC Santa Cruz 

For more information on these images, contact: -- Don Gavel

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