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Lick Images of Fragment AGNHRV Impacts

Speckle Imaging of Jupiter, July 22, 1994

Comet Shoemaker-Levy Impact Sites -- Observed at Lick 3 Meter Shane Telescope July 22, 1994

Images of the A, V, H, N(?), G, R impact sites as they crossed the face of Jupiter were taken using the high resolution speckle imaging camera at 550 nm and 850 nm between 05:38 and 06:48 July 22 UT. After speckle image reconstruction, all of the impact sites appear dark at these wavelengths, and many are surrounded by ringlike structures that are darker on the pole side than on the equator side.

Weather conditions at Lick Observatory were very cloudy until 05:30 UT. It cleared up for the rest of the night but seeing was somewhat worse tonight than previous nights. It appears that the H impact site has broken or spread into an irregular shape. The new V spot, although we missed the actual impact due to clouds, is clearly visible rising over the limb.

Imaging parameters:


   550 +/- 20nm filter 
   exposure time: 250 ms per frame 
   20 frames speckle processed 


   850 +/- 20nm filter 
   exposure time: 650 ms per frame 
   20 frames speckle processed 


   Claire Max, Don Gavel, Erik Johansson, LLNL 
   Mike Liu, UC Berkeley 

For more information on these images, contact: -- Don Gavel

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