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Whately Post-Impact Images of Jupiter


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

Follow-up Infrared Imaging -- August 6 - 8 UT

On August 6-7 and 7-8 (UT) the NICMASS camera imaged Jupiter at 1.64Ám (1%), 2.12Ám (1%), and 2.23 - 2.29Ám at the 0.4m Whately Telescope. The image above shows a mosaic of these images which provides full longitude coverage on Jupiter in all three bands. Each column in the mosaic contains images taken during about a 30 minute interval. There are two columns for each "night" of observation -- one set of images from the beginning of the night (actually during the afternoon) and one set of images from the end. The table below provides the corresponding UT times for each image. The impact sites are still quite distinct, although they have begun to spread in longitude. The table contains a listing site identifications visible from east to west in each set of images. Each distinct set of sites is separated by a ",". Combined sites are separated by a "/". In some cases sites that were separate in the center of the disk are combined due to foreshortening when near the limb. These identifications were derived by noting the longitude of the Great Red Spot at the beginning of August 6-7 UT.


             August 6-7 UT                 August 7-8 UT
1.64um  |   23:20 UT    01:04 UT        22:48 UT    01:23 UT  |
        |                                                     |
2.12um  |   23:08       01:22           22:35       01:11     |
        |                                                     |
2.23-   |   23:00       00:52           22:17       00:59     |
2.29um  |                                                     |
Sites   | E/F, H, Q1,   W/K/U,          W/K/U,     Q1/R/S/G,  |
Visible | R/S/G         C/A, E/F        C/A/E      L, W/K/U   |

The NICMASS camera will reside in Amherst until the Fall. We plan to continue infrared monitoring of the impact sites until Jupiter becomes inaccessible.

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