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University of Wales Images of Fragment ACEH Impacts


July 21 These images were taken from 21:00 Universal time to 21:55 U.T. The six images cover 55 minutes (upper left to lower right). The Equatorial zone can be clearly seen as well as the north and south equatorial belts. Some storms are just visable in the NEB.

The dark features in the southern hemisphere are due to impacts from fragments of the comet shoemaker-levy 9.

They seem to be impacts due to fragments H (rotating out of view),followed by E then A and just visable C.

Images Taken using a 25cm Schmidt-cassegrain telescope at U.W.C.C . CCD data were taken with a lynxx CCD camera. Images processed to bring out featues.

Hugh Lang
Gareth Jones
UWCC Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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