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SPMO Impage of Fragment L Impact


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

The L impact as seen from San Piedro Martir Observatory (SPMO) in Baja, Mexico, using the Camila detector with a 2.12 micron filter. Each image in the time series has a total integration time of approximately 12 seconds. The maximum (22:33:12, in the center) is actually saturated and at maximum the spot is brighter ant all of Jupiter at that wavelength. The first image (22:15:41) is before any part of the L impact is visible. After the last image (22:44:11), the spot stayed at an almost constant brightness (for that rotation, at least). The spots in order are L, K, C and A. These images were taken at approximately 15:30 local time through holes in the clouds. The seeing was approximately 2.5 arcseconds.

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