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St. Veran Images of Fragment U Impact

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Pictures of Jupiter with a 62 cm amateur telescope

After several cloudy nights, at last, Jupiter is there ! This image was taken on July 21 at 21 h 15 TU, forty minutes before U impact. We use a blue filter. The picture was processed with a power law LUT to extract dark details, then a blurred mask was applied to show high frenquency pattern.

The camera used was a single ST4 192 * 165 pixels. The main purpose of this camera is tracking star for long pose...not planetary acquisition ! You can easily find two post-impact locations in the centered bottom of the pictures. No impact flash have been detected.

Mosaic picture


I have built a mosaic of 6 pictures covering 1 hour of observing time. The impact time (21 H 55 TU) is a few minutes after the last picture. Images have been registered to each other.

St Veran Observatory

The 62cm amateur telescope is located in the French Alps near St Veran at 3000 m. As an amateur telescope, the observatory is quite poor. For example, we can access electricity only the night for run-time operations. Water is coming from the valley so we have to use it carefully.

Mission team

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