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Kitt Pre-Impact Images of Comet Shoemaker-Levy


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.


1) Image #1 - top left
Original image taken with following description : This is an image obtained with the 2.3-meter telescope of the University of Arizona Observatories on Kitt Peak in Arizona by Wieslaw Wisniewski on 1993 March 28 at a mid-time of 06:45:32 UT. The total integration time was 300 seconds. North is to the right and East is at the top. The field of view is 1.3 arcminutes square. This is a close-up of the nuclear train showing at least 12 individual nuclei embedded within. Notice that the southern boundary of the nuclear train is very sharp compared to the northern boundary.

2) Image #2 - bottom left
This image is a linear combination of four images obtained by using of various adaptive filters on image #1. The aim of image processing was to enhance the fine structures near comets nuclei.

3) Image #3 - right
Enlargement (nonlinear interpolation) of image #2 with increased contrast.

Image processing of images #2 and #3 :
Miloslav Druckmller
Technical University, Faculty of Engineering
Dep. of Mathematics
Technicka 2
CZ 616 69  Brno
Czech Republic                     e-mail :

I am searching for more images like this in order to try adaptive filters for structure enhancements. If somebody can help me or is interested in cooperation with me, please contact me.

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