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Pic du Midi Images of Fragment L Impact


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

Infrared Image of SL9 Nucleus L Impact on Jupiter

Pic du Midi Observatory, 2 meter telescope, 1 meter at 55cm. July 19, 1994.

   These images are real  color images made with :
   J broad pass filter : Blue      (2.2 microns)
   H broad pas filter  : Green     (1.7 microns)
   K broad pass filter : red       (1.2 microns
   Image 1 : 22h16m54s UTC
   Image 2 : 22h17m58s UTC
   Image 3 : 22h23m00s UTC
   Infrared NICMOS camera (Bernard Lyot Telescope)
   Station de Planetologie des Pyrenees
   by Francois COLAS, Didier TIPHENE, Jean LECACHEUX
   Bertrand DE BATZ, Sylvain PAU, Daniel ROUAN

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