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La Palma Images of Fragment H Plume


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

Time series of 10 frames

On the images from July 18, we have now detected the H plume rising into the sunlight, over the limb of Jupiter. Analysis of these images are now in progress. We hope to extract the height of the plume as a function of time, and compare with independent height measurements of the dark impact scar seen on later images.

The Uppsala group, consisting of Mats Lindgren, Hans Rickman, Per Magnusson and Johan Lagerros and also Göran Scharmer from Stockholm were observing the collision events. The telescope used was the solar telescope of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, at La Palma (Canary islands).

The advantages of using this telescope are that it is equipped with a combination of hardware and software which enables us to obtain both very high time resolution 'films' of the effects on Jupiter's visible cloud tops, as well as high spatial resolution (<0.5 arcsec) of the entire disc.

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