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OAO Image of Fragment G Impact


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

Impact G on July 18th (optical image)

Observation of SL9 at OAO (Okayama Astronomical Observatory)

OAO, a branch of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, has 1.88m telescope and 91cm telescope. They observed the collision of SL9 using a near-infrared camera and an optical CCD camera.

In Japan, a project named PAONET(Public Astronomical Observatory Network) is going on. Its purpose is to make astronmical results open to the public quickly, which are obtained at many public observatory in Japan. PAONET utilizes public telephone lines and personal computers. If you are interested in PAONET, please make a contact to:

Representative of PAONET:
OKYUDO Masami(Nishi-harima Observatory)
Public relation's person:
AYANI Kazuya(Bisei Observatory)

AOKI Tetsuo(

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