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Comet Takamizawa-Levy


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

This is an image of comet Takamizawa-Levy (C/1994 G1) obtained by Jim Scotti on 1995 April 5 with the Spacewatch Telescope on Kitt Peak. The integration time is 3 minutes. North is at right and West to the bottom and the image is 4.6 arcminutes square. The comet is seen to be split with a secondary nucleus some 6.9 arcseconds away from the primary nucleus at a position angle of 70 degrees (at about 1 o'clock in this image). The secondary nucleus is about 2 magnitudes fainter than the primary. The time of splitting is unknown, but images obtained in January with the Spacewatch Telescope show no obvious companion. At the time of the present image, the comet is some 4.18 AU from the Sun having passed perihelion on 1994 May 22 at a distance of 1.36 AU from the Sun.

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